Sunday, August 31, 2014

57th Merdeka Day

Assalammualaikum, Salam Satu Malaysia!

What is the meaning of merdeka to you?

To me, it as an appreciation for the sacrifices made by our ancestors.
The blood that had been spilled, innocent life wasted, the tears that had been shed, their hard work, money, the time they spent to get us where we are now. We shouldn't let that go to waste. Could you imagine living in your own house but it doesn't feel like home?

Does Independence Day means nothing at all to you until you use it as an excuse to do negative things? You use the most historical day of the country to go wild (bad way). Yes, independence means freedom. But it doesnt mean you can break all the rules.

Independence is not just an ability to do what you want, it's also a state of mind. Merdeka means a lot more than your not-so-wise celebration with alcohol, drugs and whatnot.

All of us should celebrate it as an appreciation to those before us who fought hard for it regardless of political beliefs.

If you think merdeka means nothing, then from what I see, you are not yet free.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia.
Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta.

Yours truly.

p/s; im sorry if this is more like school's essay or whatever. This came from my 17 years old point of view, therefore it might sound kind of immature.  I have so much in mind but I couldn't put it into proper words.


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