Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Short post

Hello there everyone!
I'm not sure if there are still people reading this blog.
It's been a long time since I last updated it.
So, this is just a random post in the middle of the night.
Just like the old times.

I'm currently going through my old playlist.
And all the songs that I listened to when I was younger came up.
Which brought me here ((peace))
I guess having throwback in the middle of the night is quite normal.
I miss updating this blog everyday.
I miss it when blogging was the ''in-thing'' back in 2008/09

I'm on my holiday.
Summer (well, there isn't any summer here in Malaysia 'nway)
After 3 weeks of exam, having breaks from school is all I need.

Maybe I'll just rant or babbles, nag and whatsnot during the holiday here?
Or maybe not?
So yeah.

Till then,
Me <3 p=""> 

1 comment:

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